Fitted sheets are often soiled, and can be contaminated.

Usually, fitted sheet is soft, absorbent, reusable and non-waterproof. The mattress is protected with and under sheet. Most often, a disposable bed pad is laid under the pelvis; this bed pad may move.

When soiled, both fitted sheets, mattress protector and bed pad are to be changed.

This change can be time-consuming (around 10 mn) and up to 25% sheets get stolen, torn or disintegrate.(1)

On top of it, if soiling of mattress protector is not visible, there is high risk of contamination.

As a result, bedsheet is the source of 17% of nosocomial infection (2). It represents high risk of contamination for both patients and caregivers as it is in contact with airborne sources of contamination and direct sources such as liquid.

This is why, single-use and disposable sheet, mainly fitted-sheet and mattress protector, are an interesting solution. Unfortunately, there are often very uncomfortable, rough on the skin, and the top layer disintegrates easily


Using the new generation of hospital bedding, the multi detachable & disposable fitted sheet, is an innovative way the manage the risk of infection

This concept lies in several detachable fitted sheet layers with double-sided material.

The nonwoven side, in contact with the skin, is to be ultra-soft and absorbent.  The waterproof side is a barrier to liquids and microorganisms.

If good material, each layer is laminated with a breathable PU laminate allowing the nonwoven fabric to help disperse heat and perspiration through the airspaces in our construction.

Last but not least, in order to hold well, the disposable fitted sheet must have a support system on the mattress

When soiled, the top layer can be removed and disposed in the household waste, or according to the current protocol. Then it reveals a new fresh sheet.

On top of it, it allows to change sheet quickly and without removing the patient off the bed, avoiding painful moves for him.

The disposable fitted sheet can be cost-saving as well considering time-saving for caregivers (1 mn vs 10 mn for traditional sheet, ie +2€ / sheet), traditional sheet replacement when damaged  (25%  of the sheet each year), laundry cost-savings (+/-2/ for 2 fitted sheet).(3)

This solution can be particularly adapted for bedridden patients, infection control, geriatric, ICU, ambulance, surgery, emergency room, resuscitation room, every department where soiling is frequent and patients are frail.

It puts an end to disinfection, laundry, ironing or damaged sheet replacement.

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  1. 1. Based on the average lifespan of a bed sheet, 54 washes, hospitals are replacing up to 25% of their sheets annually due to wearing out, blood, tearing, staining, too dirty to clean, theft. This is an average used in the USA for hospitals”Peelsaways internal Research
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